Web Hosting

If you choose to use our Web Hosting services, we can save you money while providing you with advanced features and great service. Other service providers charge more for virtual domain setup and storage for sites that exceed 5 megabytes. With a dedicated T-1 line and fast servers, we can offer you the ultimate in flexibility and speed with FTP access 24 hours a day.

We do not have Traffic Limitations or 'charge-by-the-hit' fees. We believe your site should be popular. We charge a one-time $50 fee for registering or modifying a domain name. Ask us if you want your own virtual Domain (www.yourcompany.com). There is an additional $70 fee that must be paid to InterNIC to register a new domain for two years. This charge is not applicable if you already have your own domain or choose to have pages on Maui2000.com.

We can configure your own email
(aloha@yourcompany.com) for you to collect from our server or we'll forward messages to your existing email account.

Other services include:

•Unlimited CGI Scripting access
•Free site search engine
•Hit statistics reporting
•Secure Encrypted Transactions
•Discussion Group
•Active Server Pages (.asp) support

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